There's nothing better than helping others and seeing a job get done right. I believe in old fashioned service ideals: like always returning phone calls promptly, keeping all my appointments, being available even after the job is done, and always providing options with fair, accurate pricing up front. Of course, performing the work with the best materials and practices is important, too, so that any installation or repairs made will last for many, many years.

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  City Colchester , VT
  Zip Code 05446
  Address Heritage Lanes
  Phone Number (802) 878-1002

  • I would not recommend this business

We called APS when we had a plumbing emergency (leak where main house septic PVC meets the cast iron pipe). He came to the house after we agreed to pay a $129 fee for just visiting the house. It was 8PM on a weeknight, so we thought this was appropriate. Long story short, after looking the job over, he opened a book that listed typical jobs with standard pricing. The book said our job was going to be $559. This was in addition to the $129 fee. To be fair, it was made clear up front that the $129 fee would not include any work done. It was the late night housecall fee. Nonetheless, the price was outrageous. After stating my displeasure with the price, he offered $50 off.

I declined and we parted ways. While APS never misled or lied, it seems to me that the approach was get the $129, then show up with an absurd price and walk away with the $129 after spending a 1/2 hour of your time. Pretty good approach to make easy money. This is partly my fault for agreeing to pay so much up front before ever meeting the plumber. Homeowners with small jobs - call someone you know or someone who was referred by someone you know. Don't call APS. A similar fee (albeit lower) applies for calls during the day. I wonder how many others have had the same experience with APS? No way of knowing I suppose.... lesson learned.

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