We are experienced and trained to perform all phases of plumbing heating and air conditioning from installations to repairs no matter how large or small. Our Mechanical staff are experienced and skilled to repair all phases of plumbing that need to be performed in your house correctly thus saving you time and money. We will conveniently work around your schedule because we understand that great customer service is just as important as excellent workmanship.

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No matter how diligent you are in maintaining your home's drains, they can still clog because of all the grease, suds and other small particles that go down with the water. Over the years, they may cover the inside of the drain pipes narrowing them, causing unpleasant smell and reducing drainage speed. While in most cases only one drain is affected, sometimes, the entire sewer line gets clogged causing all the drains in your house to back up. Our New Jersey drain cleaning technicians can determine the location of the clog and clean it out using products and tools that are safe both for you and your plumbing system.

We Provide Plumbing - Heating - Air conditioning Service in Northern New Jersey 24 Hour Emergency Services. City AC Repair has been a renowned name in Air conditioning Repair in New Jersey. Our Skilled & Certified Trained Technicians are also experts in handling the technicalities of Air conditioning installation in New Jersey. Were are ready to handle any Residential or Commercial system service requirements from routine maintenance to any complicated repairs or system replacements. With 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

For the past decade City Plumbing Had provided Emergency Plumbing services or even new installation for our Customers in North Jersey. We have 30 Years Experienced plumber who have help home owners on common plumbing problems such leaking pipes in the walls or cracked frozen water lines. Our Experts are available 24 hours 7 Days a week to face any Plumbing problem or even new installation or even remodeling. We can Repair all kinds of homes no matter how old it is. We Can Repair replace all kinds of faucets Such as kohler, American standard, Delta and even more.

CIty Plumbing Heating & Air conditioning has expert who have been in the HVAC-R Field for decades, they're well experience on Plumbing & Heating repairs. Any Gas Hot Water Boiler or a Hot Forced Air central Heating system for your Home or Business. We do provide the highest quality service that serve your needs, as customer when it to comes whether to look for savings on your Energy Bills and also having an efficient reliable system that will last longer through decades. We are a 24 Hour Business and will be there when you need us most Call Now!