Calling a few different plumbing services before making a decision is a wise move as well. That way, you can compare advice, strategies and prices. By speaking with different plumbers you will probably gain a better understanding of a fair price for the work you need done, as well as how to best fix your specific plumbing issue. Many New Orleans plumbers will offer a price quote over the phone with an estimate of how much the work will cost.

When they come to your house, remember to get that price quote in writing prior to the plumber beginning the work. Although it may be just an estimate, having written documentation of the estimated price, hours necessary to complete the job and a description of the plumbing work itself is important to have.

Once the plumbing work is completed, be sure to verify that the problem is fixed to your satisfaction prior to paying for the service. If for any reason you are not satisfied, read up on your rights as a consumer. The Contractors License Board grants specific rights to people using plumbing contractors.

There is no reason to pay an astronomically high amount or to feel that the job was done poorly. You should feel confident that the plumber adequately fixed the problem and that the repair work will remain fixed for some time. Quality plumbers almost always guarantee their work, so in case the same problem arises soon thereafter, the plumber should come back and fix the situation at no additional cost.

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How A Plumbing System Works

Plumbing 101: The basics of how a plumbing system works. Includes description of domestic pressurized system and DWV (drain-waste-vent) system. Video lists popular products used and explains in detail how venting works.