J. Woods made J. Woods Plumbing & Drain Cleaning years ago and has grown it to the company that it is today. Dedicated and full of hard-working constituents that make up its fine staff. With our trucks and tools, we can fix up any plumbing situation that you have in record time, allowing you to go on about your day!

At J. Woods Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, our plumbers are waiting in our trucks, looking to fix your situation in record time. Our technicians and staff are on the line waiting to hear your call, so you may have things cleared up in no time.

J. Woods Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is determined to offer you the best plumbing services when you choose to work with us to get your plumbing work done! We value offering the best plumbing possible, and we are confident that we will service you in the best possible way! As long as you call J. Woods Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at (661) 577-4294, you are getting the best plumbers in Bakersfield, CA! You are choosing to get the best plumbing in Bakersfield, CA! ​

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Products & Services

Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains

We know that sometimes the kitchen sink will not drain properly, which causes water to not flow through. This causes a nasty back up and can be the result of a septic problem. If it is a septic problem, they are probably plenty of other problems that go along with it. And in addition to that, you want to make sure that you stay away from any clogged drains or pipes or sinks, or else the over-flooding can occur, due to amateur skills. When you hire one of our me some plumbers to come to the situation, we will be able to fix your drain problem quickly and efficiently. No one wants to be restricted from using their kitchen sink because the water will not flow down.

That causes lots of problems and make your house start to smell eventually come because the bacteria will be able to grow and all that water, causing a very nasty environment. In addition to that, there may be clogs in the pipe that may build up enough pressure in the other pipes to cause a leak. That means if you were to fix your clogged pipe or clogged drain or clogged toilet, there may still be water that is leaking out of your pipes when you use it, even when it seems that those fixed. This inevitably will raise your water bill, causing you to spend more. You will be able to tell that this is a leak problem because your water bill be a lot higher than they used to be. This will also tend to happen at least one month after the plumbing fix has happened. If you notice a leak, you may want to check our Water Conservation page to see if how you can save thousands of dollars with water-saving plumbing services!

Clogged Toilet

Clogged Toilet

We have done this plumbing service for years and know how to fix these problems extremely quickly. We know how to get to your home, identify what type of toilet you have, and fix it on the spot! We know that we can fix these toilets quickly and efficiently, see you financially you contact us. We were founded in 2002 with the bases of service, and weird and it's given an excellent service! We are extremely aware about saw these toilet issues, see you have to make sure you contact us? If you find any cracks, any leaks, inefficient running, or clogged toilet in Bakersfield, be sure to call us at (661) 577-4294! J. Woods Plumbing is here for you!

Plumbing Service

Plumbing Service

Your plumbing services are going to be taken care of quickly, and we are sure because we know that we can give you nothing but the best plumbing services of all! We can do sewer and septic system repairs and installations when you are in Bakersfield, California!

We are also very good at kitchen and bath remodeling, making sure that your pipes work well with any sort of kitchen system that you have or bad system that. We can also do horizontal boring very well, making sure that you have the best plumbers in Bakersfield working on your septic systems!

We are also very good at hot water boiler fixing and maintenance, making sure that your water heaters and boilers work well and properly! We can also do pipe freezing and sewer and gas line replacement students sure that your pipes in your lines work well and efficiently in this a new day in age!

We are also very good at hydro jetting, spraying an extremely high pressure water through a pipe in order to clean off all the gunk that is in it or line location and video inspection, which is that build it's have a camera on a snake so that we can see any sort of holes or fractures within the pipe itself! We are also very good and video inspection which allows us to see any holes or cracks in the private self.

Customer Testimonials

Very quick, clean, and professional service!! Even fixed a preexisting problem that no other plumber could fix!

Fast, friendly and efficient service. Had a lower price than a few plumbers I had called before hand. I will definitely recommend this plumber to any of my friends and family in the future.


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We do plumbing in Bakersfield, CA. It can be from drain cleaning, to clogged toilets to fixing water heaters. We do it all! You can call us or fill out an instant quote form to get us to service you!

We are great at taking care of residents when they chose to have their plumbing done by us! We know exactly how to service you, and we believe in giving the best plumbing service to the people of Bakersfield, Arvin, Lamont, Porterville, Shafter, Greenacres, Edison, and Oildale!

We give the best plumbing in Bakersfield, and we have the best plumbers in Bakersfield!