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Where can you get a professional, Licensed Master Plumber to call you back with in one hour?

Call Us at 718 359 7123
We return calls immediately!
We show up as promised, complete work on schedule, and adhere to the quoted price. We stand behind all of our work and equipment, because we're committed to your satisfaction

We will assist you in legalizing your installations or removing any violation that you have received.

Plumbing and Heating
Industrial * Commercial

* DOB Plumbing Violations Removal
* Gas Emergencies (Service shut off by the gas company)
* Plumbing Repairs
* Boiler Repairs
* Water Heaters

http://www. nyc-violation-removal. com/Read_My_Reviews_. html

Serving New York City, NY - Queens, Brooklyn,
Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx
for over 20 Years

Emergency Service
Licensed Bonded & Insured

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Published on

Oct 23, 2010

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