Perform custom and standard installation of plumbing projects, as a sub-contractor for licensed plumbing companies.
Install and repair plumbing fixtures such as sinks, commodes, bathtubs, hot water tanks (including on demand), garbage disposals units, dishwashers, water softeners, hose bibs and drains.
Install sanitary waste and water distribution systems for existing commercial, municipal and new construction projects ensuring that they meet BOCA standards.
Install all sizes of backflow prevention devices.
Accurate cutting, threading, bending and joining of pipes.
Perform pipe leak diagnostics and repair including the use of pressure gauges.
Repair and maintenance of existing plumbing systems including boiler systems, with an emphasis on remodeling projects.
Repair and replace hot water heat, chilled water, and sump and sewage pumps.
Utilize blueprints to determine layout and placement for piping systems for new construction.
Roughing in construction sites for pipe installation.
Produce estimates for commercial and residential projects, balancing competitive rates and profitability.
Research catalogs and vendor services for complex and or customized system retrofits.
Ordering supplies and maintaining detailed job records.
Ensuring proper inventory levels in work truck and crib area.
Strong communication skills with and emphasis on a polite and professional approach when communicating with customers, vendors and co-workers.

Key Skills

 Journeyman plumber with 18 years of experience in service, commercial and residential plumbing.
 Supervised and coordinated activities of workers engaged in all aspects of plumbing installations and repair.
 Demonstrated ability to follow written and verbal instructions including accurate interpretation of blueprints.
 Professional reputation with a dedication to quality work and customer service.
 Dedicated to ensuring proper care in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies: promoting continuous improvement of workplace safety.

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Brent Vickers