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Sentry Plumbing diagnosed my problems and fixed immediately. Where other mechanical contractors took days to fix, Sentry came in and did a wonderful job. Prompt, efficient, courteous and at the right price.

I highly recommend this plumbing company. The person doing the work was very efficient and reasonbaly priced. Being a single woman, I was expecting to be taken for a ride, but instead I was pleasantly suprised with the price, as well as the worker's care in taking the time to explain to me

Phil is the cream of the crop. Professional, on time, honest, reasonably priced and a damn good plumber to boot! Of all the contractors that I've worked with across all trades, Phil takes the cake. Highly recommended.

Thank you, John O'Donnell & Sons (or rather, Bill & Steve, the two guys that saved the day), for turning a hot, cranky Community Manager into a cool, more.

Dan is AWESOME! I had 3 plumbers come out and 2 told me I need to spend 1500-3000 to replace a U-trap because it was to clogged and offset, 1 guy spend 2.5hrs working. Dan came out, said if he can't do it, it's free and he DID IT in 1/2 hr and saved me thousands! THANKS DAN as an invester he

I won't ever tackle an electrical project at home. It scares me. But plumbing? It's just tightening a nut or replacing a washer. Not a problem. My.

When I found our water heater leaking all over the basement, I freaked out. Our house is 22 years old and everything is starting to fall apart at once. I.